What Makes CrossFit Social City Different?

At CROSSFIT SOCIAL CITY our goal is to provide an uplifting team environment where we promote personal growth and a unique fitness experience. Located in southwest Las Vegas, we offer classes 7 days a week in order to accommodate the needs of our community, whether beginner, intermediate, advanced, or drop-in athlete. We have built the foundation of our community by focusing on the importance of combining functional fitness, nutrition and a positive team environment.

Every athlete is treated the same. Whether you were our CrossFit Games athlete or someone just out of Training Course, you will receive the same high level coaching and attention. We are one big supportive family, both inside and outside the gym. We regard each of our members needs as if they were our own. We are a business that invests in you! Our job is to provide you with the greatest instruction, best equipment, and all the tools necessary to better your life. If you are interested in competing, we are happy to assist with that. It’s not a necessity, nor is it our sole focus, but we also enjoy the competitive side of CrossFit.

At All Day Fitness, we want anyone who walks into our facility to feel like they’re getting more than they expected. We’ll tailor our life-changing programming to your skill and comfort level—which translates into long-term results, so you can achieve sustainable progress for a lifetime. Best of all, you’re always family here.

Our trained and experienced coaches will guide and motivate you every step of the way to help you reach your goals. If you’re ready to give it your all, they are here to ensure that you have all the support you need all day, every day. Not to mention, we’ve partnered up with a Physical & Massage Therapist who are on hand to take care of of every bump and bruise, old and new, and for a much lower cost than the doctor!

We truly believe the best gyms are comprised of caring, committed coaches and a supportive community where lifelong habits are developed right along with lifelong friendships. We thoroughly enjoy conversing with athletes and getting to know every one of them personally. Whether you’re a beginner or just looking for a new “family,” we’re here to cheer you on, every step of the way as you continue on your fitness journey. Step in today and say hello!



To our core we believe in creating a great atmosphere, which in return forges an unbreakable community. You can have the greatest programming and the greatest trainers, but if the atmosphere isn’t great you have nothing. We happen to have all three.


Our programming is all completed in house, designed by us, for us. We give our athletes the best because that’s exactly what they deserve. Nothing is random, everything is programmed with a purpose.

What we program is to improve you; to make you a better, stronger, healthier version of yourself. It is challenging but easily modifiable to your own personal skill and abilities.

We believe in results and results is what we produce.From the elite athlete or someone just starting their CrossFit journey, our gym is for you.

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It’s just not something we believe in as a staff, it’s something our members believe in with all their hearts. It will be hard to find a more welcoming group of individuals who truly care about you.

They care more about your achievements more than their own. Nothing is more powerful than a group of people who share one common goal.

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Our training staff always stays ahead of the learning curve. We never stop researching and testing new techniques to bring to class. We refuse to allow our athletes to become stagnant in their progression as that is unacceptable to us. We focus on proper technique, then build on top of that. Building proper movement patterns is a key element to progressing each athlete. We all have an extensive background in mobility and flexibility, which allows us to fix, and teach you to fix impingement’s that limit your range of motion.

Teaching Olympic lifting is a passion for each one of us. We pride ourselves on not only teaching this to our members, but teaching it right! We have spent countless hours learning and teaching these two lifts over the last several years. Olympic lifting is a staple in our programming. We have the knowledge and ability to train and program for a new weightlifter all the way to an elite weightlifter.

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How Did CrossFit Social City Start?

Making Vegas healthier one step at a time.

Promoting health and fitness and  isn’t just an extremely rewarding career, both financially and emotionally, for CrossFit Social City owner, Omar; it’s his way of life. Omar lives to help others and see their goals turn into reality. You see, Omar has always has done more for others than he’s done for himself. He served 8 years in the United States Air Force and after a horrific motorcycle accident in 2005, doctors told him he would never be able to walk again on his own. Omar rooted his faith in functional fitness and has never looked back. Now in the best shape of his life, Omar reflects often on that initial feeling of hopelessness and reminds himself and his clients that anything is possible.  “It’s just about taking one step at a time,” Omar explains.

Shortly after, he decided to make it known to others loud and clear that anything is possible and dove head first into the fitness industry with Camp Fit Force in Las Vegas. Camp Fit Force started out slowly, with just one class a week at Willows Park in Summerlin with no equipment, just a passion to see others succeed and watch how fitness and health can change others’ lives the way it changed his. Five years later, Omar now has a team of trainers, classes 7 days a week and has officially become a CrossFit affiliate with badass gym called CrossFit Social City. A place to “Workout. Hang Out and Be Social.”

As Omar reflects on the membership he has gained over the years, he says, “I love my Social City Team.  I say TEAM because the members at our gyms are not customers to me.  They are so much more than that.  Seeing their growth and investment in their health is the most fulfilling thing I could ever ask for in my job. This isn’t just my business, this is my family.”


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