Omar Foster

CrossFit Social City.

“Workout. Hang Out. Be Social.”

Making Vegas healthier one step at a time.

Promoting health and fitness and  isn’t just an extremely rewarding career, both financially and emotionally, for CrossFit Social City owner, Omar; it’s his way of life. Omar lives to help others and see their goals turn into reality. You see, Omar has always has done more for others than he’s done for himself. He served 8 years in the United States Air Force and after a horrific motorcycle accident in 2005, doctors told him he would never be able to walk again on his own. Omar rooted his faith in functional fitness and has never looked back. Now in the best shape of his life, Omar reflects often on that initial feeling of hopelessness and reminds himself and his clients that anything is possible.  “It’s just about taking one step at a time,” Omar explains.

Shortly after, he decided to make it known to others loud and clear that anything is possible and dove head first into the fitness industry with Camp Fit Force in Las Vegas. Camp Fit Force started out slowly, with just one class a week at Willows Park in Summerlin with no equipment, just a passion to see others succeed and watch how fitness and health can change others’ lives the way it changed his. Five years later, Omar now has a team of trainers, classes 7 days a week and has officially become a CrossFit affiliate with badass gym called CrossFit Social City. A place to “Workout. Hang Out and Be Social.”

As Omar reflects on the membership he has gained over the years, he says, “I love my Social City Team.  I say TEAM because the members at our gyms are not customers to me.  They are so much more than that.  Seeing their growth and investment in their health is the most fulfilling thing I could ever ask for in my job. This isn’t just my business, this is my family.”

Dan Micheli

Dan Micheli

Dan Micheli (CF-L2 Trainer)

Growing up in Massachusetts, I was always involved in one sport or another. During High School I was apart of the Varsity Hockey team freshman year through junior year, my senior year I was lucky enough to spend the season playing Junior hockey. After a while playing collegiate hockey in Vermont I came home looking for something that would keep me active.

I first found CrossFit after seeing a friend post about it online, he had posted a whole photo gallery of a group of people doing a workout called “Murph” that looked like the most intense workout I had ever seen, I instantly knew I needed to try it. After my Intro Class I was hooked, the intensity of the workouts and the push of the community was exactly what I was looking for. After some time I wanted to learn more about CrossFit so as soon as I could, I signed up for CrossFit’s Level 1 seminar. Soon after, I tried my hand at coaching, I quickly fell in love with helping people in the gym, and teaching them how and why we can use functional movements to better our lives.
Since then, I’ve worked with and learned from many different coaches including, Olympic Medalist and world Champion Olympic weightlifter Dmitry Klokov, many CrossFit seminar staff coaches, and a handful of CrossFit Games athletes. I have learned over my years of coaching that the most important part of any CrossFit gym is a strong community, where members feel like family and they can come in everyday and completely forget the stress of their day while they’re inside the gym.

I’ve always loved competing in CrossFit and have competed along side some of the highest level athletes and hope to always be competitive but coaching and spreading knowledge of health and fitness has become my real passion and I will to stay involved in that aspect of CrossFit for the rest of my life. So far my proudest moment as a coach has been working with a group of special needs teens and leading them to a successful trip to the New England Special Olympics.

Marissa Foster

Marissa Foster

has been an athlete her entire life, competing in gymnastics, softball, volleyball, swimming and diving. Living in Reno for college she spent most of her time in the snow and became a kid’s snowboard and ski instructor, but on the days she couldn’t be at the mountain she was in the gym coaching gymnastics. Whether at the mountain or in the gym she was happy to teach kids about the sports she was passionate about. In February of 2009 a friend introduced her to Crossfit. This type of fitness became addicting and after less then a year she started to explore the crossfit seminars. As a CrossFit coach she is passionate about helping kids and adults live an active and healthy life. She is constantly striving to learn more and improve her coaching abilities. Her knowledge and drive has helped her to earn a position with the Crossfit Kids Seminar Staff.
Marissa has been coaching kid’s sports for over 13 years. As well as, the experience of coaching different sports she has completed and passed the following seminars:
– Crossfit Level 1
– Crossfit Level 2
– Crossfit Kids
– MovNat Instructor
– Crossfit Kids Seminar Instructor

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