WOD for 06Mar2015

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If you are reading this I just want to say thank you by being a part of Social City. Whether you are a member or just inquiring, I appreciate you!

Every workout is a challenge and there is something about going through it with a group of people who can relate to the pain that is super motivating. There are moments when I want to take a big break or even give up but then I look over my shoulder only to see that everyone else is STILL GOING.

“JUST KEEP MOVING!” is the phrase I repeat in my head during the middle of a hard workout such as 15.2 tonight.


WOD for 06Mar2015:
::Open WOD 15.2 // Open Gym::
Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 7.32.44 PM

Classes at 9a/Noon


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