WOD for 28-29Mar2015

By Omar 0

The LIVE release of CrossFit Open Workout 15.5 was amazing! CrossFit Max Effort did such a great job hosting that event and being super close to the action was inspiring.


WOD for 28Mar2015:
In teams of 2 complete the following:

5 minutes of max rep alternating Burpees

Buy-in is 30 Triple Under Attempts // Scale to 45 Double Under Attempts
– 50 Wall Balls (20#/14#) *If ball touches ground each member does 5 Burpees*
– 400m Run
– 50 KBS (53#/35#) *If KB touches ground each member does 5 Burpees*
– 400m Run
– Ground to OH (135#/95#) Scale Appropriately *If Bar rest on ground outside of the touch and go, each member does 5 Burpees*
– 400m Run

*One person will be working at a time. Split as you want. Runs are together*
You will have a score for Burpees and a time for the WOD.

Class at 9a!


WOD for 29Mar2015:
OPEN GYM or 15.5

We only have 2 Rowers so members will have to go in heats. If you are registered for the Open then you must row. If you are not registered then you can choose to use the Airdyne instead of the row.

Open Gym from 9a-11a


author: Omar