WODs For The Week 01/22-01/26

By Omar 0

Hey team, this week we will be welcoming Summerlin Athletics to Social City as they will be joining the ME/SC family. If you happen to have one of them in a class you’re attending please introduce yourself and make them feel welcomed.

Don’t forget that the CrossFit Open 2018 starts Feb. 22nd!
Register here: https://games.crossfit.com/article/2018-reebok-crossfit-games-season-schedule

Class schedule:
Mon – 6:30a/9a/Noon/5:30p/6:30p
Tues – 6:30a/9a/Noon/4:45p KIDS ONLY/5:30p/6:30p
Wed – 6:30a/9a/Noon/5:30p/6:30p
Thurs – 6:30a/9a/Noon/4:45p KIDS ONLY/5:30p/6:30p
Fri – 6:30a/9a/Noon/5:30p
Sat – 9a Team WOD
Sun – 9a CrossPHIIT

Check out the WODs for the week:


author: Omar