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“If you never push yourself to failure then you will never know your full potential.”



CrossFit Social City opened in January of 2009 in a 200 square foot one-car garage…We are the home for fitness misfits – we believe in hard work, dedication, responsibility, and the power of community. We look forward to working out. We embrace challenges knowing that we’re in an environment of people who each face their own challenges every day. We train hard and together. We eat clean because it’s our way of life. We celebrate one another’s accomplishments out of a genuine desire to see everyone succeed. We don’t go to the gym to burn calories but to challenge our body, be with our community, and feed our souls.

“Social City is a place where people can get a good sweat in, disconnect from technology and connect with others. The best hour of the day! We offer classes 7 days a week to cater to our CFSC Team’s diverse schedules and needs. We have built the foundation of our community by focusing on the importance of combining functional fitness, nutrition and a positive team environment. Our Mission at CFSC is to provide an uplifting team environment where we promote personal growth and a unique fitness experience. Join the CFSC Team today! WORKOUT. HANG OUT. BE SOCIAL.”

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. These are the core movements of life.


Total Reviews: 14


By Chandler Smith
Hey Omar! Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks. To be honest I was scared shitless to move to Vegas without knowing anyone. the past two weeks at Social City have been unreal. I’ve met some AMAZING people and learned more in two weeks than I have in 6 full months at “one of the highest end CrossFit boxes in the US” or so they say. Thanks for building a great gym and community. I’m dying to get this video shoot over with in Utah so I can come right back to Social City! Haha

Anyways have a great weekend man!


By Anonymous
When I joined your gym almost 5 years ago, you sent me a text at 9am saying “wake up it’s CrossFit time” and I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and hadn’t made any friends in this town yet. I actually had attempted suicide weeks before….. And that text was the first and nicest text I had gotten in weeks. It saved my life. Literally. Because of CrossFit I didn’t have to go to therapy anymore. And I quit using.


Happy to be back. You make people happy. It’s your gift to this world.


Thanks for providing a safe, fun, and authentic environment for people & especially women, to feel strong in.



By Devin Willams, University Nevada Reno
Yo bro, Sooooo I stepped on a scale for the first time and I am down… 52 pounds in a year and some time. Dude when I tell you I’m living my wildest dreams right now I cannot believe it and bro, it’s cause of you dude! I am a better Devin because of you man. Never ever forget that!

By Shea F., Your Content Goes Here
Sometimes you drop into a gym for a workout and that’s exactly/only what you get. Other times you are greeted with a lot of positive energy, welcoming people, and a great workout.

Even as a coach, once upon a time, I still get nervous walking into a new gym. You don’t know what the people are going to be like. You aren’t sure where anything is or where it goes. Every gym is vastly different and that’s intimidating for most people. Sometimes once you are comfortable you can forget what that feels like but CrossFit Social City the coaches and members were on top of it. They made me feel instantly a part of the team and made me miss my old gym a little less.

I was greeted by Coach Candi with such a warm smile. I didn’t have a reservation but she said I could squeeze in this time. The other athletes quickly started asking me questions and conversing with me. To top it off the owner of the gym comes in to do the workout with us. Omar was full of energy, laughs, and exceptionally helpful!

My big take away is no matter who you are walking into a new gym is intimidating. Find a community that wants to build you up and give you the best experience possible. You’ll feel the energy as soon as you walk in if you’re in the right place! Step out of the comfort zone and do something that makes you uncomfortable.

By Matthew K.

CFSC is located in a strip plaza near Twain and Ft Apache, behind a gas station (look for the black-and-white American flag on the windows) … the workout space is not your typical warehouse gym (not that there’s anything wrong with those gyms), it’s more soulful, more inviting, with graphic art and color schemes and wood-paneling.

There’s a nice couch and custom coffee table just inside the door – a lounge of sorts, to sit and/or socialize before or after class – and an open gym area with pull-up rigs on either side … there are also lockers and restrooms … the pull-up rigs are really nice – wall ball targets, various pull up bar heights, squat racks and rings attached … but the reason I workout here is NOT the facilities, even as nice as they are … the coaching and the people who work out here are what brings me back.

The people are outgoing, friendly, helpful … some other boxes around town have that too, but definitely not the same … the space, workout schedule and membership count (100?) are both such that the people here have to acknowledge you, and they talk to you, encourage you (no hiding in this gym).

The coaching here is also a few levels above the norm … Coach Omar will go through each movement thoroughly, have you remove weight if he’s not comfortable with your lift, and give a detailed explanation on proper form and technique … when he turns you lose to the WOD, you can feel confident you’re doing it correctly.

Another thing that sets this gym apart is the programming and special focus on “constantly varied” … this gym offers park workouts on some weekdays and weekends (in addition to the normal CrossFit programming) … this leads to total body results!

Also, the warming up, stretching and mobility are great, with Coach Omar going through everything … each class begins with a solid 10-15 min that pays dividends when the WOD finally starts … there is usually plenty of time at the end of the workout for coach-led stretching and mobility too.

At last count, there were at least 37 CrossFit gyms in Las Vegas/Henderson, meaning you can get a WOD in practically any where in town … but what you get at CFSC, you cannot get anywhere else – the instruction, programming and community are literally unmatched!

By Tamara C.

I have always wondered what it would be like to try a CrossFit gym. However, the thought of walking into a room full of fit people who have been doing it for awhile made me nervous. Well, today I decided to finally take the plunge and tried out the 6:30am class with Owner/Coach Omar. He was very welcoming. Every single member was warm and inviting. It was truly a community of encouragers. I felt like a regular, like part of the family. I was able to do the entire class with modified movements and never felt like I didn’t belong. I would highly recommend CrossFit Social City to every person. Whether you have been doing CrossFit for years or just wondering about it for years, this is the place to go. You will be welcomed. You will be encouraged. You will be pushed. You will be hooked.

By Andrea R.


I just left my first workout at this Crossfit box and I’m already a big fan. There was ZERO judgment, no coach pushing you past what’s safe for you to lift – just a great workout with a helpful, motivating coach.

I haven’t been to Crossfit in a couple years – like many others, I got an injury and then had to switch to other types of workouts. One of the general complaints about Crossfit is that you’re prone to injury because they push you too hard, but based on this experience, I’m already confident I can come back here and get a great sweat without fear of breaking, pulling, or tearing anything. (Yay!!)

Something I already love about this place is that they post the entire week’s worth of workouts on their website so you know what muscle groups you’ll work. For people who work at numerous gyms, this is AMAZING – I can pick which workouts make sense on different days.

Best coach: so far I’ve only taken Omar’s met-con class, but he was awesome. I’ll be back!

By Christine W.

When one is visiting and totally dependent on Yelp reviews to find a box for a few drop-in classes, Social City certainly did not disappoint. Impressed as a matter of fact.

Omar, for starters, is extremely prompt in returning voice messages and addressing questions.
Lili, the 5am coach just pushed me enough to hit the WOD at under 15.

And everyone else, were very warm and welcoming – the classic crossfit community spirit.

By Kelci S.

Love this gym! Great group of people and a variety of workouts for every skill level! The workouts, the music and the coaches are so fun. I’ve been to a lot of gyms and these coaches are so attentive and know how to coach the skills of the movements. Would definitely recommend this gym to anyone in the Southwest! Omar & his team are AMAZING!

By Karina L.

This is an amazing place to work out and my favorite Vegas gym! I visit from out of town and they are always welcoming. The owner (Omar) and coaches work really hard to create an atmosphere that pushes you to new limits in the most fun way possible. Just walk in and you’ll know that this is unlike any gym you’ve ever been too before!

By Kristen S.

Crossfit Social City is the perfect community-centered Crossfit environment! Everyone is extremely welcoming and supportive, no matter what fitness level you have, or what your goals are.  The coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging, and always check in to make sure that athletes are getting what they want out of classes. Whether you’ve never tried crossfit before, or have years of experience, you’ll have a good experience at this gym.

By Lea C.

I discovered Social City earlier this year. I had never done CrossFit and hadn’t worked out in quite a while. I have to say the support and love I found at Social City is like no other. The owner Omar is so cool and knowledgeable. They push you to do things you’ve never thought possible. Social City is not just a gym it’s a community.

By Sunshine L.

Omar Foster is both an amazing person and trainer. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Omar for several years. He is always positive and encouraging. He knows how to push you beyond what you think is possible without you realizing you’re being pushed. Omar believes in clients learning how to do movements safely before go full steam. As a person with neck injuries; I have always appreciated that philosophy. His classes are  high energy and fun. That’s why his clients keep coming back. If you’re looking for an amazing locally owned fitness studio call CrossFit Social City now!

By Charles M.

The most social and fun box to train in. The coaches and athletes all make you feel so welcome and at the same time, motivate you to go above and beyond what you thought was possible.

The atmosphere is cheerful yet serious and I have witnessed so many athletes, including myself improve in the short time I have trained here.

The size of the box is very conducive for what Social City stands for.

If you are looking for a place where you can Workout, Hangout and Be Social, look no further! Drop in, sign up, and get ready to be the best version of you!

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